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1064nm long pulse hair removal

1064nm long pulse hair removal

Product name:1064nm long pulse hair removal



 The long-pulsed Nd-YAG laser is a versatile laser system used to remove hair in darker skinned individuals and tanned individuals. In addition, the long-pulsed Nd-YAG is also used to remove spider veins on the legs. The long-pulsed Nd-YAG laser can safely be used on darker skinned patients and still obtains permanent hair removal. The long-pulsed Nd-YAG is an excellent treatment option for removing unsightly spider veins on the legs caused by excessive standing, pregnancy, swelling of the legs, and aging. Typically, 4-6 treatment sessions or more are needed to obtain the desired results for hair and leg vein removal. The long-pulsed Nd-YAG laser is relatively painless and feels like a snapping sensation with each pulse of the laser. The long-pulsed Nd-YAG laser can also tighten the skin similar to radio frequency lasers such as the Thermal RF and reverses the effects from sun damage.

Long Pulse Nd Yag Laser Parameter
Control System
10.4 inch color touch LCD screen
Laser type
Long pulse Nd:yag solid laser
Pulse Width
Spot size
3-10mm, adjustable
Imported diode laser (650nm)
Laser Transmission
High power biquartz optic fiber Φ1.5mm
Cooling system
Air+water+semiconductor cooling system
220V/110V 10A 50/60Hz
Net weight
Long Pulse Nd Yag Laser Application                                 
1) Hair Removal
2) Hemangioma removal
3) Blood Vein Removal
4) Vascular Removal
5) Skin Rejuvenation
6) Cure ringworm of the nails

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