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IPL SHR hair removal machine

IPL SHR hair removal machine

Product name:IPL SHR hair removal machine



OPT(Optimal Pulsed technology) IPL technology treatment theory is that: intense pulsed light produces light and heat effect and photochemical effects on the skin, the deep collagen and elastic fiber skin rearranges and restores the skin elasticity, while enhances the vascular tissue functions, eliminates facial skin wrinkles and reduces pore shrink; additionaly, intense pulsed light can also penetrates the skin, is preferentially absorbed by the pigmentgroup and vascular tissue selectivity;without destroying the norma skin,blood coagulation,pigment group and pigment cells are destroyed, decomposition, so as to achieve therapeutic effect of telangiectasia and pigmentation.
OPT medical cosmetic treatment combines IPL,808nm diode laser and Nd:yag laser, 3 kinds of starndard technology together. 
It realizes that each pulse energy remains stable and regular, gurarantees that energy density output is consistent and ensures safety and effectiveness of each treatment, it is the newest generation IPL. 



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