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portable SHR ipl

portable SHR ipl portable SHR ipl portable SHR ipl

Product name:portable SHR ipl



SHR advantages:

1. SHR technology-Super Hair Removal: Fast shot, No need set pulse parameters, Easy operate;


2. AFT technology-Advanced Fluorescence Technology:Add AFT crystal plate onto sapphire crystal,
    convert the useless UV light of IPL to best spectrum needed, improve effective energy output;


3. Optimized spectroscopy technology-Using the latest coating technology, strictly control spectral range
    between 420-950nm, avoid water to absorb the photon above 950nm, more penetrating, better treatment
    result, lower risk on burning;


4. OPT technology-Optimal Pulse Technology: Output stable square pulse width always, improve the treatment
    safety and effectiveness. But the pulse width of IPL is acuminate wave, easy to cause pigmentation.



Model SHR 215
Screen 8.4 ” FTF true color LCD display 
Output power 2000W
Frequency 1~10Hz adjustable
Energy 1~20J/cm2
Handle 640~950nm
Spot size 8*40mm/12*30mm/15*50mm optional
Pulse number 10~100 adjustable
Cooling level -5℃~0℃
Xenon lamp Double American lamps with 500,000 shots in each one, strong energy
Connector Imported Germany connector
Number of handle 1 SHR handle
Cooling system semiconductor+ air + water + cooling gel
Voltage 220V/110V
Package Aluminum alloy case


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